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Lose weight for the last time.


Why Amy Roddy Coaching will 
work for you.

  • No quick fixes, fad diets or feeling deprived of food.

  • Build a good relationship with food for long term success.

  • Experience the benefits of strength training by following a plan that works for you.

  • Implement good lifestyle habits to improve your energy, happiness and fulfilment.

My 3 Pillars of Wellness

Nutrition - Exercise - Lifestyle 


A nutrition strategy that focuses on developing a good relationship with food by building habits and systems to finally get off the yo-yo diet train forever!


An exercise program built specifically for you combining resistance training and body conditioning exercises to help build muscle and improve health. The workouts are time efficient, progressive and flexible for home or gym training. 


Become the best version of yourself, we dive deep into your daily habits focusing on sleep quality, stress management, cardiovascular health and much more!


Online Workout

Online Coaching

My online coaching service is a complete lifestyle over-haul. We work together to improve your knowledge and habits around nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and mindset by following a plan designed specifically for you.

If your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, improved health or performance, I will be your online coach at your fingertips and through regular check-in's I will be on hand to keep you on track.


1-1 Personal Training

If you like the idea of meeting your coach face to face but also love the accountability online coaching offers, 1-1 personal training could be for you.

I work from a small private club gym in Ardnaree, Ballina, County Mayo with everything you need to complete a 

workout session which is tailored specifically for you.

My 1-1 personal training also includes nutritional guidance and support, "tools for success" guides and ongoing tracking, monitoring and coaching outside the PT sessions.

Doing Pushups

Fitness Classes

My group fitness classes in Ballina are suitable for all ages and abilities. I use a combination of weights, bodyweight and cardio to deliver the complete full body workout each class. 


During the four weeks I encourage you to set body composition and performance goals and I will help you achieve those goals by offering extra support and guidance outside class times if needed.

For updated times and dates, click below to contact me for more information. 



Amy is amazing at what she does, the check-ins and the weekly challenges really kept me accountable and focused but also made the process even more enjoyable. The workouts where amazing, I could follow what Amy was doing from my phone with modifications for my fitness level. Overall a great experience with lessons I will continue to use, thanks again Amy.


I really enjoyed my online coaching with Amy, there was great accountability to keep me on track and I loved the challenges!


I really enjoyed the online coaching, I have found my energy is back, I am less stressed and I feel a lot better in myself physically and mentally. Lockdown took its toll so it was great to have the online group to stay motivated and supported with like minded people. The meals and recipes and learning from others in the group was so helpful. I am delighted with my results and can't wait to start the outdoor bootcamp to continue on my new lifestyle change.

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